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The Positive-Action Network has been in existence since 1999.

Our first project entailed community building and assisting communities in need. We provided resources for home schooling, helped people in need, and located resources for people in need of assistance.
Our second project centered around Islamic Mental Health Solutions.  We created a website called Al-Yusra with the sole objective of providing a resource of Islamic mental health solutions which included supplications to recite when suffering from depression and anxiety, rulings from the scholars on mental illness, hadith on mental illness, as well as a support group for Muslim women who suffer from mental illness.
Our third project entailed the release of an E-book on hijrah. This book contained multiple true accounts of Muslims who have attempted to make hijrah out of the west to Muslim lands. It also contained numerous resources for Muslims planning to make hijrah including how to choose a potential country to make hijrah, routes to hijrah including teaching, medical profession, and entrepreneurship, and much more.  www.alyusra.com/hijrah

Our fourth project was online retailing of Black Seed and Black Seed related products from Imam International and Amazing Herbs. Products include Black Seed Oil, Black Seed Whole Herb, Black Seed Energizing Honey, and Black Seed Tea. Al Yusra Black Seed is one of the preferred online retailers of Black Seed.

Our fifth project is called the Autism Success Network. This website is a resource for parents, teachers, and educators who are working to find a successful educational  outcome for people with autism.  Here you will find educational software, communication development tools, as well as other educational resources and link to help parents, teacher and educations meet the goals of students with autism. www.alyusra.com/autism 

Our sixth project included E-Book and book publishing.  We created children's books, non-fiction books, fiction books, real-estate books, and other materials for the public including audio books and multimedia presentations.)


  • Raw Pure Seed

    Black seed provides a rich supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids which play a key role in daily health and wellness.  They help to regulate metabolism, carry toxins to the skin's surface for elimination, balance insulin levels, regulate cholesterol, improve body circulation, and promote healthy liver function...

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  • Pure Cold Pressed black Seed Oil

    A 1994 study conducted in London by King's College revealed that Black Seed has properties that inhibit certain enzymes, which also inhibit the production of certain prostaglandins.  combination of elements found in Black Seed work together for a total effect. .

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